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Assessment Information

Description of Building-Level Assessments


In addition to classroom assessments in all subject areas, we conduct a variety of building level and state assessments


What parents can expect


This assessment begins in kindergarten and continues through the end of third grade, or longer if the student is receiving intervention support for reading.  The classroom teacher administers this assessment one-on-one with the student.  Students receiving additional support (intervention) will be monitored on a weekly or biweekly basis, depending on the level of support they are receiving.

Three times per year.  August, January and late April

Annual results are shared with parents during conferences.  Progress monitoring results may be shared more often if requested.


Grades 2-6 are assessed three times per year in math and reading.  This assessment provides a significant amount of information to teachers making instructional decisions for students.  

Three times per year.  August, January and late April

The fall and spring assessment results are shared with parents at conferences.  The mid-year assessment is used internally to guage intervention and extension efficacy and student growth.


(Cognitive Abilities Test)

This assessment is given to students at the end of second grade and the end of sixth grade.  This assessment is one of the multiple measures we use to make determinations about academic programming for students.  New students in grades 3,4 and 5 who have not been administered the Cogat are also assessed shortly after enrollment.

Late March/Early April


CogAT scores are returned to the school the following fall.  Results will be shared with parents at that time via a parent report sent home with the student.

Incoming Kindergarten Assessments

The kindergarten teachers meet with our incoming kindergarten students who have registered and been assigned to Broadmoor between kindergarten graduation and the end of the year.  They conduct a 20 minute assessment that helps them make placement decisions for the student.  The goal of this assessment is to better understand the skills our kindergarten students possess and to build balanced classrooms for all students.

Late May

If you are not registered through Central Administration prior to testing dates placement decisions will be made with the information provided at registration.  This assessment is just something extra we do and not required.

CMAS/PARCC State Testing

(Colorado Measures of Academic Success)

(Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers)

Students in grades 3-6 will be assessed in Reading, writing and math.  Fourth grade students may take an additional Social Studies assessment (depending on the year) and fifth grade students take an additional science assessment.  Information about specific testing dates will be communicated via the school newsletter and on our school website.

March and April

Parents are asked to avoid scheduling doctor’s appointments and vacations during testing.


Results are returned to the school the following fall and will be shared with parents via a parent report sent home with students.

Sixth Grade Math Assessments

In January and May of students’ sixth grade year they will take math assessments used to determine placement at the Junior HIgh level.  These assessments are written and scored by the Junior High.

January and May

The results of these assessments are not shared with parents unless requested.  Any questions regarding placement decision and assessment results should be directed toward the Junior High.