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Amanda DeNardin

Ms. DeNardin

Hello! My name is Amanda DeNardin, and I am a Kindergarten teacher here at Broadmoor Elementary School.  I grew up in Colorado Springs, specifically right here in District 12.  It is so great to be back in this wonderful district, and I am so lucky to have such a great community to teach in. Please feel free to contact me anytime. I can be reached via phone before and after school, and sometimes at lunch. If you get into the answering system please leave me a message. You can also send me an e-mail by clicking the small envelope next to my name below:


Reading - Our Reading Street Curriculum is broken down into Six Units, 6 books per unit, that we will be working on whole group throughout the school year. Students will be learning about predicting what each story is about and recalling and retelling each story. Other skills taught at different times throughout the year include: character, setting, sequence, classifying and categorizing, compare and contrast, main idea, realism/fantasy, plot, cause and effect, and drawing conclusions. 

Students will also be put into reading groups. I will send home some of the books that we are working on in a plastic bag with each student weekly. Please have your child read the book to someone, whether it be mom or dad, an older brother or sister, etc. and bring the bag and book back the next school day. 

Handwriting - Each student will have his or her own Handwriting Without Tears workbook. Using guided instruction with the workbook, chalkboards, and songs, students will work through an easy step-by-step process for learning good, legible handwriting.

Writing - We teach ECAW in all elementary grades and will be using these techniques in kindergarten. We begin the year by learning how to label pictures and then we will move on to writing sentences, using punctuation, correct spacing, using upper and lower case letters correctly, forming letters correctly, using neat handwriting and utilizing our word wall words.

Math - All Cheyenne Mountain elementary schools use enVisionMath. Work completed in class will be sent home daily in student backpacks.

Throughout the year students will learn about and explore the following topics: sorting and classifying, position and location (such as over, under, and left, right), patterning, counting, reading, and writing numbers 1-20, counting to 100, odd and even numbers, shapes, symmetry, solid figures, fractions (equal parts, halves), ordinal numbers, measurement, addition, subtraction, money, time, and graphing.

Science - We will complete four science kits throughout the school year: Senses, Properties and Matter, Forces and Motion, and Seed to Plant. We also will be learning about the sun during Space Week.

Social Studies - We have Social Studies Weekly Newspapers that will be coming home each week.

Daily Schedule

8:00-8:10 - Morning Work

8:10-8:30 - Morning Meeting

8:30-9:00 - Read Aloud or Guidance(T)/Library(Th)

9:00-9:30 - Centers/Reading Groups

9:30-9:45 - Recess

9:50-10:20 - Centers/Reading Groups

10:20-10:50 - Math

10:50-11:15 - Handwriting

11:20-12:10 - Lunch/Recess

12:10-12:40 - Quiet Time

12:40-11:10 - Science/Writing

1:15-1:30 - Recess

1:30-2:10 - Specials

2:10-2:35 - Free Choice Time

2:35-2:45 - Clean-up/ Closing Circle
2:50-3:00 -Get ready for dismissal

Scholastic Book Orders

Check out the great books available from the

Scholastic Reading Club!

Our class activation code is: NFC3Q

You can order online or send in the flyer and a check to school with your child.

I will send home flyers throughout the year.