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Kate Pace

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Mrs. Pace - 4th Grade

Welcome to Mrs. Pace's class page. I consider myself the luckiest teacher in the world because I get to share the adventures of fourth grade with my new, unique, amazing, and passionate students! Fourth grade is special to me for a few reasons: 

      1. Fourth graders rock! (But you already knew that.)


      2. Fourth grade was my favorite grade. I remember my teacher, Mrs. Leaf, reading The Adventures of Robin Hood and Harry  Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, visiting the Mining Museum, and winning "tug-of-war" on field day.


      3. In fourth grade, we get to learn about our amazing state's geography, natural resources, and unique history. We will go on adventures daily~ we will also visit our state's capital (Denver), the Mining Museum, and our state Justice Center. Last year's fourth graders even got to sit in the supreme court justice's chairs (it's a big deal!). 


      4. In my personal experience, fourth grade students are some of the most funny, respectful, curious, hard-working, and overall fantastic kids. I am looking forward to getting to know each of you as we journey through this year. 

Planner Note and Homework Explanation

You can expect to see the following recorded in your student's planner:


   1: Things which are recorded that should be done but no physical papers or grades will be collected.

        -Read 20 minutes (each night)

        -Study for Spelling and DLI tests (which are taken on Thursday) 


   2: Things which are recorded for the sole purpose of letting you know what we learned in class that day.

        -Social Studies or Science learning objectives 

        -the reading skill for the week

        **My hope in including the above information is so that you are aware of what we are focusing on in class and can have meaningful conversations with your students surrounding those topics.


    3:Things that are homework assignments to be turned in for a completion grade (physically or online)

       -Math homeworks

       -Google Classroom writing assignments (can be for various subjects- Social Studies, Science, Reading, Writing)

       -Pearson Realize assignments (Reading/ vocab practice- students learned how to access these and complete them today (Wednesday, September 6th)

How to Contact Me

The best way to reach me is by email- I check it multiple times daily. You can send me a message by clicking on the small mailbox next to my name below. I can also be reached through our school phone number at (719)-475-6130. If I do not answer, please leave a voicemail and I will respond as soon as possible. 

Report Cards

A report card is not a judgment of your child's worth as an individual. It does not measure the delight he or she gives, the humor in those young eyes, or the hope for tomorrow. It measures only one aspect of a young life with so much untried potential. After only a few years of life we cannot judge their lives to be successes nor failures at anything. Please look at your child's report card with love and acceptance of how things are right now. Give it only the importance of the moment - notice and point out the good and positive, emphasize what your child is doing right and build on that to improve what needs improving. Young developing egos are fragile - handle with care and nourish all that your child is and can be.